Voici les problèmes connus les plus importants de NeoSense 1.0 :

  • NeoSense database format incompatible between 1.0 beta and 1.0 final
    NeoSense 1.0 database format will change between 1.0 beta and 1.0 final and it will not be possible to keep using existing configuration and settings (applications, administration) and stored monitoring metrics when installing NeoSense 1.0 final.
  • Possible non-triggering of Alert rules when execution of monitoring profile is skipped (#7230).
    When the execution of a monitoring profile takes longer than the monitoring frequency, next scheduled execution is skipped and the issue is that, in this case, some Alert rules, if based on last consecutive executions, may not be triggered when in reality they should have been.
  • NeoSense 1.0 allows installation of NeoSense Frontend, Core and Database only on the same machine (#7147).
  • Notification emails: Kerberos is not working (#6822).
  • In Events dashboard, sorting is lost when table configuration changes (#7171).
    The sorting configuration of a table is lost if you change the time period parameters or display more lines.
  • Non-ASCII characters are not supported in notification SMS (#7093).
  • NeoLoad project files with names containing UTF-8 encoded characers are not supported in NeoSense (#7234).
  • Product documentation
  • In the english version, the following section is written in French : PART II / REFERENCE GUIDE / Application settings / Profiles/ Fréquences d’exécution.