Success Story: Alarm Point

Company Profile

AlarmPoint Systems is leading the marketplace into a new era of enterprise-class, automated event notification, interaction and resolution platforms and products.


Being a provider of Enterprise software application, it was very important to determine the system behaviour under significant web concurrent usage. Our customers have requested metrics around the capacity of our web application server. It was critical to find a tool that could be used for stress testing both web UI usage and our extensive web services library.


Initially we used the open source solution OpenSTA, but it proved to be hard to maintain and not very intuitive. We also evaluated LoadRunner, but the cost was prohibitive. Finding NeoLoad was a relief, since it provided us the ability to quickly develop our load testing suite at a reasonable cost.

The testing period was very smooth. We were able to develop the first test suites in a matter of days, and the NeoLoad support team was very responsive when we needed their help.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad proved to be very easy to use and it is very reliable. The test results are very comprehensive, and we use the comparison feature to determine performance differences between various releases, operating systems, databases, and JVMs. We were able to use the test results to improve performance, and we now run the suite for any patch or product release, to insure that performance under load is not impacted by code changes.