Success Story: Centric Software

Company Profile

Since 1998, Centric Software has provided innovative Product Intelligence™ and Project Intelligence™ enterprise applications.
Product Intelligence applications provide greater insight into product and financial information collected from multiple sources. Using live information, global teams make better decisions and achieve greater success with sourcing programs, apparel development, new product development, multi-team programs, and construction and facilities projects.


We were looking for a Web Application Load and Stress Testing tool that could:

  • Handle multiple sessions, multiple users, and multiple threads representing the most common user transactions from our web based applications.
  • Characterize system performance and scalability characteristics under large multi-user loads.
  • Use the application to assist in resolving system issues that manifest themselves only under varying load conditions.

These issues are often difficult to isolate due to multiple influences. NeoLoad allows us to investigate use cases under various load conditions.


We started to evaluate several different applications to provide multi-user load testing. As we worked with each one, we noted that there were some issues that would arise with each. One would not allow us to work easily with uploads, another came up with errors constantly, requiring reconfiguration of the client into a non-standard configuration.

After working with NeoLoad, we noted that the application addresses most of our use cases from the standpoint of a load and stress tool.

We have found NeoLoad to be easy to use. It requires minimum training and can be handled by people with no programming background.

And finally, its price was extremely competitive relative to our evaluation criteria

Test Results and Added Value

To get many of the benefits of load testing we noted that development interaction was required in order to understand the requests generated by NeoLoad, and how they would be handled by the server in multiple session threads. Once we figured this out, non-programmers were able to make effective use of NeoLoad.

We have also noted that NeoLoad allows us to reproduce customer use cases and isolate issues to development faster than before. The reports and results we receive at the end of each test yielded precious information such as time to run every request, as well as what type of error resulted from the server.

We have also used NeoLoad to characterize multi-user performance as perceived by the end-user, and to explore the scalability of various deployment configurations.