Success Story: Everis

Company Profile

Everis is a multinational consulting firm that provides solutions for business and strategy and the development and maintenance of technological applications.


As a part of the IT Department’s New Systems Plan, we are changing all the company’s hardware and business applications.

Since the deployment and launch of all the systems and new applications was to be done simultaneously, it was critical to validate that the new systems would be able to withstand the load peaks generated by our users for the project to succeed.

We needed a load testing application that would support the different technologies we use (Oracle E-Business Suite EBS, MicroStrategy, .NET), with a fast learning curve, but at the same time flexible enough to provide a thorough analysis of any incidents encountered during testing.

Before the introduction of NeoLoad, the IT department’s development team dealt with load-induced errors in a reactive manner. Now, using NeoLoad, we can anticipate these errors and work on them proactively.

Application tested: We tested all aspects of the applications covered by our New Systems Plan, including time control, financial, HR, data mining and project costs management applications.

Protocols/technologies tested: Oracle EBS, MicroStrategy, .NET.


Prior to the introduction of NeoLoad, we had already conducted the first phase of testing using HP’s LoadRunner. Because of the high cost of acquisition of this tool, a decision was made to switch to NeoLoad, a switch that was made quickly thanks to the latter’s excellent technical and sales support.

Basically, there are two test phases. In the first phase, all detected operational and load errors are reported to the development teams. In the second, we test the system to its limits to make sure the application can withstand the planned user load. In between these two phases, there’s a period of several months in which the teams correct any problems encountered in the first phase.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad has enabled us to carry out a wide range of load tests using various technologies at limited cost and with a fast learning curve, backed up by an efficient technical support team.

It’s a tool that’s very powerful yet simple to use, with excellent technical support and at reasonable price.

Our tests revealed incidents in the applications; we were then able to adjust their parameters which increased performance significantly.

NeoLoad has allowed us to implement major changes and to still meet our project deadline by reducing the time spent tracking errors due to high load and thus contributing to the remarkable start of our New Systems Plan’s production phase.

We’re putting in place the schedules and actions required to implement bi-annual tests on the company’s systems in order to prevent the overload issues that are caused by carrying out constant maintenance of applications to adapt to Everis’ needs.