Whitepaper: APM 101: Getting Started With Synthetic Monitoring

Today, the end user’s experience can make or break the success of your web and mobile applications. While infrastructure and networking monitoring remain a basic requirement for any software development project, application performance monitoring is quickly becoming an essential practice for organizations. Enabling the quick detection and identification of performance issues in production is paramount, as it not only bridges the gap between Operations and the business, but it also helps you to ensure the performance and availability of your application.

This whitepaper will discuss the rising importance of application performance monitoring and its benefits to your organization. Learn about the key differences between synthetic monitoring, real-user monitoring and deep-dive diagnostics to see how a combination of these production monitoring techniques can improve the overall performance and availability of your web and mobile applications. Finally, take a closer look at the steps your business should follow when implementing a synthetic monitoring solution in order to proactively identify application performance issues.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The differences between application performance monitoring and network/infrastructure monitoring
  • The three main types of application performance monitoring
  • Guidelines for implementing your own synthetic monitoring solution