Success Story: The John Marshall Law School


The Students registration portal was responding slow at peak registration, so we used this application for stress test. It solved the purpose pretty well as we were able to do some testing (with virtual users) ahead of registration. It helped us in evaluation our current resources.

Before NeoLoad we were not testing any load though we had a loadbalancer (with limited functionality).

Application tested:
It was a registration website which was hosted on our portal servers. As soon as the registration period was opened, we had a lot of students trying to register for courses on first come first served basis. The application helped us in distributing the load and suggested the next step to make the registration process more efficient and better.

Protocols/technologies tested:


NeoLoad was chosen over other vendors due to the product features, their excellent technical staff and affordable pricing.

We are changing our whole registration system at this point after getting matrices form the load stress test.

Test Results and Added Value

We were able to simulate with virtual users. The program/script was customized according to our needs. The results of load testing were very informative and helped us in moving forward.

If needed at any point, we will go ahead with NeoLoad software.