Success Story: Metroland Digital

Company Profile

Metroland Digital manages a network of community, specialty and vertical websites across Ontario, Canada. The Metroland network of websites sees more than 2.5 million unique monthly visitors, who view more than 30 million pages per month.


Web application load testing is a mandatory validation step in assuring that the application works as expected under a predicted load, and the provided supplementary specifications are met for the current and future usage.

The challenge was about not knowing how a raising number of visitors would impact our websites’ performance in the near future.

We were using open source tools, which usually have limitations on usability and reporting.

Application tested: The applications are directory or classified websites using various technologies in a typical SOA architecture.

Protocols/technologies tested: http/https, .NET, SOAP, PHP


NeoLoad was the best concession between price, capabilities, implementation, usability and reporting.

We analyze the common use of the website, and then record and parameterize test scripts for different virtual profiles. We set thinktime ranges for each page in the profile, set up one or more populations, and the scenarios to increase the load. We usually use multiple load generators. The test results are reviewed by the project team.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad is an easy-to-use tool that can be learnt quickly since it doesn’t require scripting. We have experienced website slowness while on high load, then identified the pages that were loading slow and addressed the root cause.

NeoLoad helped us to improve the quality of our web applications. It also validates our products’ capabilities to support an increasing number of users who are accessing our websites.