Webinar: Mobile App Performance Testing webinar with Trimble Navigation

What you’ll learn:

  • Benefits on mobile app load & performance testing
  • Mobile network emulation, including bandwidth, latency and packet loss
  • Approaches to increase performance on different devices and browsers
  • Tips on simulating real world mobile network conditions under load
  • A case study of Trimble Navigation’s mobile app performance testing

Do you know how to use real device simulation and real network emulation to get realistic load and performance test results? See a real test engineer tell you how he did it for his company. Jim Duffy, Test Engineer from Trimble Navigation joins Steve Weisfeldt, Engineer from Neotys for an informative discussion on how mobile devices and networks play a significant impact on the performance of apps for users.

Speakers: Jim Duffy, Test Engineer, Trimble Navigation & Steve Weisfeldt, Senior Performance Engineer, Neotys