Success Story: Negative Equity Protection Ltd.

Company Profile

Negative equity insurance provider.


We were looking for a load and stress testing tool to script a web-based application using Ajax. We tried using a number of tools in the market including Mercury and Radview but no one supported the high level Ajax posting script as well as NeoLoad.

Application tested: Core insurance administration system and contract centre front-end

Protocols tested: http/https, Ajax


NeoLoad was chosen due to its compatibility levels with our Ajax-based application. But as we started using NeoLoad we were highly impressed with its usability and reporting. NeoLoad makes it really easy to carry out complicated scripting customizations like Parameterization and Correlation, one of its best features.

The aim of load testing was to make sure that the application is capable of handling the forecast load levels when it goes live. We carried out a number of load and endurance tests on the test as well as live environment to identify and fix any bottlenecks which may result in performance degradation of the application.

Test Results and Added Value

The main benefits of NeoLoad were the ease of use while scripting and good reporting system. There were times when we had to re-script the user journeys due to some change in the UI and it was fairly easy to do it quickly with NeoLoad due to its easy to use Design module. Finally we were really impressed with the reporting module as well as it was easy to create ad-hoc graphs and make pdf reports soon after the test was over.