Success Story: NWP Services Corporation


We were looking at a Web Application Load Testing tool To stress test our existing web code base and to ensure our web can handle the large volume of our clients with respect to responsiveness and performance.

We had no way of knowing or testing how our website behaved under peak hours, especially when new code or architectural components were introduced.

Prior to using NeoLoad, we had our internal staff log in and use the website at the same time.

Our corporate website was the only application tested with NeoLoad.

Protocols/technologies tested: Http/Https, Ajax, .NET, SQL Server


We chose NeoLoad because the interface is easy to understand, it is light weight, and has the ability to record transactions and replay them back, the download process was easy from NeoLoad’s website, good reporting statistics.

We created several campaigns with different load schemes.

We found a minor bottleneck in our code that we noticed through NeoLoad’s reporting.

Test Results and Added Value

The response times were low since our code base is pretty efficient and we were able to gauge exactly how our website behaves during peak hours.

For example; improved software quality, increased testing productivity, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction/service, reduced risk, shorter time to market, competitive advantage.

At this point, NeoLoad’s value to our business is improved software quality, improved customer satisfaction/service from our clients, reduced risks, efficient coding and identify bottlenecks in our system and in our code.

We will use NeoLoad on our corporate website when we introduce new code and functionality to ensure response time is acceptable.

To say the least, I love NeoLoad! Keep up the great work. The best software is one that is simple in the interface, light weight and easy to work with and so far NeoLoad is the only one out there! I don’t have much experience with NeoLoad’s customer service but I am willing to make a $100 bet that it’s excellent with the few occasional contacts I had with NeoLoad staff.