Success Story: Revenue Solutions Inc.

Company Profile

RSI’s mission, since incorporating in 1996, is to assist government agencies realize their business objectives and achieve significant results from information technology investments. RSI partners with clients on IT initiatives to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and maximize compliance.


Designed specifically for the Tax and Revenue industry, Revenue Solutions, Inc.’s (RSI’s) Revenue Premier™ provides an integrated, functional and advanced technical solution to support return and payment processing, taxpayer registration, tax period accounting and compliance functions of a tax agency. Revenue Premier is comprised of four (4) primary modules – Integrated Tax Processor, Collections Manager, Portfolio Warehouse and Audit Manager. Revenue Premier boasts an open technical design and a set of shared services which provide vast flexibility for reusing services, integrating other products and a variety of supporting technical infrastructure options.

As we have continued to grow so has our application and customer base. We knew early on that continuing to optimize our web application would be a key to our continued success and growth.

Our biggest challenge was finding an application/company that fit into our budget model that would work, and grow, along side us.

Before NeoLoad everything was done manually, and/or with shareware tools.

Application tested: Revenue Solutions, Inc.’s (RSI’s) Revenue Premier™

Protocols/technologies tested: http/https, Ajax and Webservices.


NeoLoad offered the most cost effective and flexible solution that fit into our size and budget demographic.

We are really just getting started in our load testing campaign. So far we have used NeoLoad to help establish our product baselines and are in the process of creating realistic goals for improvement in upcoming releases.

Test Results and Added Value

The major benefits from using NeoLoad are:

  • The ability to capture performance characteristics.
  • The ability to simulate user load against our application servers.

We are anticipating improved quality which leads to higher customer satisfaction, cost savings and increased market share.

NeoLoad (Perf/Load Testing) has been built into our SDLC and is a standard practice for all of our major releases.