Success Story: Siemens Switzerland Ltd

Company Profile

Building Technologies combines offerings for security solutions and building automation within one company as a service provider and systems integrator and as a manufacturer of respective products.


The new HVAC Integrated Tool from Siemens Building Technologies provides installation contractors, technical consultants and designers with a software program that simplifies the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning plants.

The HVAC Integrated Tool (HIT) relieves professionals of routine tasks and time-consuming searches for suitable control devices, when designing an HVAC plant. HIT provides a simple but sound method for selecting from the complete Siemens range of HVAC-controllers, valves, actuators, sensors, thermostats and variable speed drives. Self-explanatory menus guide the user through an intuitive sequence of steps which are derived from standard industry working processes. HIT is easy to use as a selection & sizing tool for quickly specifying a field device according to a straightforward set of parameters. HIT can also be used to create a detailed specification for a complete HVAC plant. Starting from a library of over 300 preconfigured HVAC-applications with Standard Controllers (Synco, Sigmagyr, RXL and RXB), HIT guides the user to a comprehensive specification, creating a plant diagram, list of material, technical documentation for each device, as well as pricing.

HIT also features a project management module. With this the HVAC-professional can re-use or modify plant designs previously created and saved in HIT. Stored data can be used to generate tendering documents in Word and product lists in Excel.

The protocols that have been tested: http/https

  • We wanted to do a long term check;
  • We had some IIS session breaks during the first acceptance test with 12 users;
  • We had a memory allocation issue on the server;
  • We wanted to get a feeling of how many parallel user sessions are we able to run;
  • We wanted to have a basic server load during further acceptance tests (with it we found some issues one normally find only during live installation);
  • We have started with a 64-Bit Windows server environment without any experiences with .NET on it.


The NeoLoad home page on the Internet was my first hit. I was able to play with 10 virtual users without buying already a license. The usability and support without an official license was great. The tool is powerful and easy to use for the normal cases.

During the load testing campaign:

  • We defined the business cases;
  • We created the business cases in NeoLoad and checked all of them together with our software vendor;
  • We did different tests with test users in parallel and without test users (long term);
  • We added missing business cases;
  • We did the final acceptance test of the Web-Application with test users and NeoLoad together.

Test Results and Added Value

The main benefits while using NeoLoad were bug fixing, long term checks, server scaling.