Success Story: WTG

Company Profile

WTG is a specialist systems integrator delivering secure information solutions (secure collaboration, intelligence management and other complex web-based applications) for secure government organisations in the Public Sector, specifically Justice and Security.
WTG provides business process and requirements consulting, product selection, application design and development, systems integration and ongoing hosted management services around complex, secure applications, designed to improve information management.


We currently have an offering with a well known competitor product however we were finding that with some of our new web application developments that this tool was unable to script these developments correctly. So we are looking to replace and improve the web testing capability at WTG with a cost effective solution.

Challenges for us are often testing within a secure environment meaning that cloud testing solutions are not appropriate.

Protocols/technologies tested: Ajax, Webservices, .Net.

Application is confidential however it is a .Net solution with multiple Ajax customizations added in. The user base is currently 20,000 registered users and we were testing up to 500 concurrent users.


Intention is to buy 2 permanent NeoLoad licenses one for outside of our secure environment and one for in our secure environment to provide a full time load testing capability. For large volume projects we will purchase rental licenses to fit the requirements on a case by case basis. Also potential that some projects will benefit from a cloud testing service which NeoLoad would be the preferred supplier for.

NeoLoad allows WTG to deliver a solution confident we have met the performance requirements. We can baseline the performance of our applications to ensure future releases continue to meet the requirements. In turn this should result in less support issues being raised that we are required to fix under any SLA agreements.

Test Results and Added Value

Load testing was planned to start with 50 VU’s then ramp up to 100, 250 and then 500 users. Including a soak and stress test by reducing the think times. We confirmed already suspected bottlenecks and provided the client with a definitive baseline to work forwards from.

Neoload proved to be the best solution for speed of use, ability to self-train, cost and quality of interface.
It is ease of installation, ease of use, easy to understand interface, quality of reporting.