NeoLoad Enables Allianz to Deliver Software with Greater Confidence

Allianz Global Test Factory (GTF) provides the resource and the technology to support performance testing across all company projects for newly deployed applications as well as those upgraded/ migrated to the Cloud.

  • The GTF supports testing requirements from traditional end-to-end performance tests to fully automated CI/CD pipelines for a team of performance engineers.
  • Choosing NeoLoad for its one-stop-shop solution, the ability to achieve quick ramp-up for any user whatever the skills, GTF has contributed to faster deployments, with greater confidence in the reliability and quality of the applications brought to Allianz internal users and customers.

GTF: Higher Standard of Performance Testing for Increased Confidence in App Reliability

Allianz teams need to continually test the performance of their applications at every step of the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC), from the development of the first component to the aggregation of multiple services to the deployment of the end-to-end application in pre-/production environments. The GTF using NeoLoad platform supports its continuous testing requirements while enabling an earlier and often cadence of performance issue identification and resolution. A savvy group already, GTF now takes advantage of NeoLoad’s self-service offering to design, run and analyze and automate performance testing for all business-critical applications, including:

  • Allianz enterprise systems such as Allianz Business Solution – ABF – from Java fat client to web and mobile variants or Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty – AGCS
  • Packaged applications like SAP (GUI and Web) or Citrix
  • Web, mobile and cloud-native applications

NeoLoad: Single Access Point to Best-of-Breed Performance Testing Technology

  • NeoLoad provides Allianz GTF with a performance testing platform across QA, Dev, and Ops, across all levels of involvement in the process.
  • NeoLoad’s learning curve is fast, which makes the tool accessible to anyone with Allianz teams, even for those who are not performance engineer. With NeoLoad any Allianz entity can augment their performance testing capacity with their current resources, even to test complex applications and workflows.
  • NeoLoad gives confidence in code coverage, finds issues early when they are easy, less expensive and faster to resolve and helps bring applications to market faster with more reliability at scale in production.
  • Another feature that the Allianz GTF team has maximized is NeoLoad’s complete integration with CI/CD pipelines. Having its performance testing embedded into automated processes, executed continuously such that go/no go performance decisions can be made automatically for every build.
  • NeoLoad has instilled the Allianz with confidence in their test coverage, early issue detection, and faster resolution strengthening their delivery process at scale.

Agile & DevOps Support

  • Automated performance tests as code: Design, maintenance, and execution as code with results analysis in continuous integration pipelines (via pre-packaged CI/CD tool plugins).
  • DevOps automation for all: Collaboration across dev, QA, operations, and business teams using a standardized performance testing approach throughout the Allianz organization, locally and globally. Meanwhile, irrespective of skillset, users are defining SLAs, sharing test assets, and reviewing results.
  • Shifting right for continuous improvement: NeoLoad’s robust bi-directional integration with market-leading APM tools (e.g., Dynatrace) augments test analysis capabilities with app component/code level insights.


Benefits of a New Project Delivery Discipline

Enhanced performance testing processes and greater test coverage = fast, reliable application delivery every time.


Start testing with NeoLoad, the fastest, the most realistic, and the most automated continuous performance testing platform.